Mine Ventilation Upgrade

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Groff Engineering managed the replacement of the ventilation system for an underground large opening room and pillar stone mine, improving airflow capacity by more than 300% while using the same amount of power as the original system. The original system used several light industrial box fans which were found to be largely re-circulating air at their bulkhead. The new system, built with structural concrete insulated panels (SCIP), uses just two (2) large diameter propeller fans on variable frequency drives (VFD) to exhaust the mine air. The SCIP bulkhead is airtight against the roof, ribs, and floor of the mine, meaning there is no re-circulation of air when both fans are running. The maximum demonstrated production rate (MDPR) of the fans, operating at 100%, was measured at 436,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm).

Groff Engineering provided ventilation surveys, system design, engineering support and startup support for our client. If you are looking for a practical solution to your ventilation challenges, call us today.

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Client: Not disclosed
Date: 2020

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