Oil & Gas Appraisal

It is not often that we do an oil & gas appraisal, but when we do, we work with one of the many skilled Certified Minerals Appraisers (CMA) within the International Institute of Minerals Appraisers (IIMA). Mr. Groff is also a CMA, and all appraisals comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). This appraisal was performed on a small oil and gas property which needed to be appraised for estate settlement purposes. Working with an expert associate, Groff completed the appraisal with the highest standard of care.

Mr. Groff is also a Competent/Qualified person for reserves reporting and mineral valuation. He is competent in limestone, dolomite, sand & gravel, coal, salt, and many other industrial minerals. He has personally viewed more than 120 mineral properties in his career. Call today to learn if we can help you on your mineral valuation needs.

Project Details

Client: Collins Scanlon LLP
Date: 2017

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