Mine ventilation is an important part of maintaining a safe work environment for underground miners. Effective mine ventilation provides fresh air to miners and abatement of dust, mine gases, and exhaust fumes that accumulate in the work area. When ventilating a new mine development or an existing mine, large or small, a properly engineered solution is required.

Often, existing mines that are experiencing difficulty ventilating active work areas have outgrown their installed ventilation system(s). Our engineers will gather precise measurements of temperature, airflow, and mine atmospheric pressure that are necessary when developing a new engineered solution for the developed and expanding mine. Large-opening room and pillar mines are especially challenged with large volume requirements and low airspeed due to the size of openings which must be ventilated.

Groff Engineering can provide ventilation surveys and engineered solutions to miners looking to improve the air quality for personnel working underground. Our staff is specialized and experienced in mine ventilation. Contact us today to learn how we can help your mine.


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